RBFC is seeking a man with the desire for vocational pastoral ministry to serve as Pastoral
Assistant. This position has two goals: to provide an aspiring pastor with the necessary
training and experience for ministry, and to provide additional pastoral support to the people of
This full-time position will involve increasing responsibilities in preparation for pastoral ministry,
supported by regular mentoring and discipling.

1) He shall report to the Senior Pastor and be under the authority of the Board of Elders.
2) He shall exercise a servant-leadership role as he trains and ministers alongside the elders.
3) He shall develop relationships and regular engagements with members of the congregation.

1) Pastoral Duties – while the PA will not be considered for a pastoral position until credentials
are obtained through (or recognized by) the BFC, the majority of his duties will be pastoral
in nature.
a) He shall attend elder meetings.
b) He shall provide shepherding and discipleship to members of the congregation.
c) He shall preach on a regular basis and participate in baptisms, weddings, funerals, and
counseling as assigned by the elders.

2) Christian Education
a) He shall develop and lead a Christian Education team.
b) This team will further develop and support the existing Christian Education programs
for youth and adult-aged participants.

3) Mentoring
a) He shall meet weekly with the Senior Pastor.
b) He shall assume an increasing responsibility of pastoral duties as is appropriate and
possible under the mentorship of the Senior Pastor.

We are looking for a man who:
1) Meets the qualifications for elder in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
2) Is inwardly persuaded of God’s call to pastoral ministry.
3) Has a heart to shepherd and disciple people toward Christlikeness and gospel growth.
4) Has a desire and gifting for studying, preaching and teaching God’s Word in various
settings, both formally and informally with a view toward transformed lives and families.
5) Is in agreement with the Faith & Order of the Bible Fellowship Church.
6) Either holds or is willing to obtain pastoral credentials from the BFC.
7) Has a college degree from an accredited or reputable institution.
8) Either holds or is willing to pursue three years of Biblical/Theological studies at a
college or graduate level program.

Church Profile
Royersford Bible Fellowship Church is affiliated with the Bible Fellowship Church
. Our doctrine emphasizes:

  • The sovereignty of God in personal salvation and life,
  • Salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ,
  • Transformed life through new birth by the Holy Spirit,
  • The authority and trustworthiness of the Bible as the Word of God ,
  • The culmination of history in the second coming of Jesus, and
  • A shared-life in the church of believers, with every-member assuming responsibility for the
    propagation of the Gospel by evangelism and missions.

RBFC is a multi-generational church, with an average attendance of ~80, located in Limerick Township, Pennsylvania. We have a Sunday morning blended-style worship service that includes an emphasis on expository preaching, along with mid-week evening programs for youth and adults, as well as additional discipleship and outreach ministries.

Limerick Township is a large and thriving municipality in Montgomery County, PA. It is accessible from PA State Route 422 and is situated between Philadelphia and Reading. It is one of four communities in the Spring Ford Area School District .

Application Process

  1. Cover Letter. Provide some detail on your background, what God has done in your life, and
    what motivates you to pursue vocational ministry.
  2. Resume: detailing your education and ministry/work experience.
  3. Preaching/Teaching (optional): Provide one or two samples of you teaching or delivering a
  4. Submissions: Please email your files to
    Questions can be sent to the same email or call the church office at (610) 948-9764.
  5. Deadline: All submissions are due by May 31st, 2024.