Wednesdays / 7:00-8:30pm 

Fun, growing opportunities for the whole family!



Conflict is all around us. It’s the air we breathe in our society. It affects our marriages, families, churches, neighborhoods and workplaces. It wears us down and clouds our thinking. But when conflict turns into peace, frustration becomes clarity and turmoil becomes unity. When conflict turns into peace, God is glorified. But how do we find peace without ignoring our problems? How do we pursue unity without compromising on our principles? Resolving Everyday Conflict invites you to understand and embrace God’s approach to conflict and to find hope for broken relationships.  

  • All are welcome
  • Nursery care provided
  • The participant guides for this class cost approximately $15.  If you would like to help offset this expense, you can bring money to the class, write a check to the church or give online via the “E-giving” page on our website.

    6th-12th Grades:

    Crazy games, good food and fellowship, and spiritual growth opportunities abound on Wednesday nights. Be sure to come!

    K- 5th Grades:

    Kids are invited to come Wednesday nights for fun and biblical teaching in an age appropriate, easily accessible way. This year, the children will be focusing on learning the books of the Bible.  On September 11th, come at 6:45 to complete the registration process, in the multi-purpose room. You can begin your child’s registration below. 

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